Yokohama Rules Pdf

If the player`s presidential pawn is already in an existing territory (i.e. not in the player`s hands), you must move the presidential pawn step by step to the desired destination using the following movement rules: Date of production (represents the week and year of manufacture of the tire): 1915 = The tire was manufactured in the 19th week of 2015. For more information, see: Registering your tires is an important safety precaution because it allows the manufacturer to notify you in the event of a recall. Complete and return the Yokohama registration card received from your dealer or register your tires with Whether the player chooses a) or b), the placement of assistant pawns is subject to the following placement rules: See the site plan in the area where the action was performed in step 3 (action ZONE step). The player can only build a shophouse if he does not yet have a shophouse on the construction site. 9. Each player chooses a color and gets the following components in his color: If there is a presidential pawn in the area where you place an assistant pawn, you must pay 1 yen for each assistant pawn to the player who owns the presidential pawn. If there is more than one presidential pawn in the area, you will have to pay 1 yen to each of the owner players. If you don`t have enough money, you can`t place an assistant farmer in the area.

Take all the builder wizards from the area where you performed step 3 (AREA action step) and turn them all over in your hand. For example, a player can: c) fill out a mission card → a) use foreign mercenaries → c) fill out a mission card. You are not allowed to place auxiliary pawns of the camp tile or boards of directors. The customer must submit the complaint to an authorized Yokohama tire retailer in the United States. In order to obtain proportionate mileage adjustments, the customer must provide proof of the initial purchase of the claim tires, indicating the mileage of the vehicle at the time of original installation. In addition, the customer must prove that the tires were turned every 5,000 miles. One or more players built the 4 trading houses. Rotate one of your foreign mercenary tokens face down and choose an area.

This zone must meet the following 2 conditions: it must contain at least 1 of your assistant pawns and your presidential pawn must not be in the zone. In order to make the mileage share adjustment for the customer, the tire dealer must validate the kilometers earned on the claim tire(s) against the guaranteed mileage(s) and certify this information on the Yokohama claim form and attach proof of rotation to the claim form. In case of a tie, the player who has the right assistant pawn breaks the draw. If there is only 1 player on the Church board, that player will receive 6 points and no other player will receive points. If there are no players on the Church board, no player will receive points. Example: The purchase order board for port A is placed next to the table for the port A area. Example: Hisashi has the following symbols on its technology boards and completed control boards: GEOLANDAR® A/T G015 (LT-metric and large flotation sizes) Warranty replacement must be manufactured by an authorized Yokohama dealer. (FOR REPLACEMENT TIRES AND ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT FOR PASSENGERS, LIGHT TRUCKS, TEMPORARY REPLACEMENT TIRES AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE TIRES) This limited warranty/adaptation policy provides for tire replacement under certain conditions. This Directive shall apply to tyres used in normal motorway service (excluding commercial applications) the conditions of which are eligible for the guarantee.

Tires that become unusable or wear out due to negligence or improper handling are excluded from Yokohama`s warranty. 8. The player who last visited Yokohama will receive the starting player card and become the starting player. If this method does not work when determining a starting player, use a preferred method when choosing a starting player. If the tire wears down to the 2/32″ (1.6 mm) tread indicator bars within 60 months of the installation date and the tire has not delivered the guaranteed kilometers of normal highway passenger car use (excluding commercial applications), Yokohama will credit the unused service for the replacement of a new comparable Yokohama steel belt radial tire. Customer will be charged a percentage of the guaranteed miles, multiplied by the dealer`s current retail tire price at the time of adjustment. Other fees for taxes and reseller services of editing, balancing, filming and all others are the responsibility of the customer. This period does not represent the expected life of the tires covered by this warranty. If there are trading houses owned by other actors in the area where the action is carried out, the owner will receive 1 yen from the bank. Only tires purchased from authorized Yokohama dealers are eligible for mileage warranties. Below you will find information on the mileage warranty by product range. Approved tyres shall be located on the vehicle on which they were originally fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer`s recommendations.

Note: For staggered mounting applications (different sizes of tires on the front and rear axle) that cannot be rotated, the mileage warranty for rear tires is half of the warranty listed in the Yokohama documentation. This mileage warranty applies to all listed replacement tires that use the Yokohama brand name and D.O.T. full serial number and operated in the United States. PROPERTY DAMAGE, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT FROM: Proper inflation is necessary for tire safety, performance, maximum tread life and best fuel economy. Always keep tires inflated to the pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month and before long trips when tires are cold (before operation, cool on contact). Use an accurate tire gauge to check pressure, as it is not possible to detect tire pressure that is too low just by looking at it. Do not reduce pressure when a tire is hot and do not inflate a cold tire higher than the limits formed on the sidewall of the tire.

Don`t neglect tire pressure. If your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), this does not replace your monthly manual air checks. Any liability or liability for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use or other incidental or consequential damages is excluded. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply. The game ends when one of the following conditions is met: Note: No matter how many assistant pawns are in the area, turn them all over in your hand. On a player`s turn, he performs the next three phases in the order indicated. At the end of their turn, the game moves clockwise to the next player. If this action is selected, steps 3 through 6 are skipped. Go directly to Phase C (additional action phase). Return your presidential pawn to your hand, and you can also flip all assistant pawns from any area to your hand. You cannot return assistants placed on the boards.

11. Shuffle all the technology cards face down and place them in a deck in the playing area. From this game, drag and place the technology cards face up in each area of the lab A (and B) tech card placement area until all cells in the lab A (and B) tech card placement area are filled. Place a Shophouse token in your hand on an empty store space on the construction site plan. You cannot build on land where another player already has a Shophouse token. Enjoy the advantages indicated on the room where you built your shophouse. Yokohama Tire Corporation`s warranty policy covers all tires installed in light commercial vehicles, minivans or similar models where passenger car tires have been or have been installed as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturer, if the Yokohama replacement tire is equal to or greater than the load index and speed rating (if any) of the originally installed tire. Operations other than those described above will be denied under all terms of Yokohama`s Standard Limited Warranty for passenger car and light truck tires. Below is the conversion rate of the remaining tokens belonging to the players: the main action phase is from top to bottom. Steps 1 to 3 and 6 are mandatory, and steps 4 and 5 can be omitted if the player wishes. An exception to this rule is that if the player has not been able to complete step 2, he may not be able to complete steps 3 through 6.

Failure to follow any of the recommended precautions may result in erratic vehicle behaviour, damage and/or tire failure, including tread and belt separation, and may pose a risk of property damage and serious or fatal injury. If you suspect damage to your tires or wheels, contact your local Yokohama tire dealer or contact Yokohama. Victory points are obtained by moving the score disc of each player`s color on the victory point track. When a player receives more than 100 points, he receives a token of 100 points and moves his score disc to the corresponding amount on the victory point track. If the power token 5 is still present in the corresponding area, the player takes it and places it in front of him and solves the effect. After resolving the effect, they rotate the power token 5 with the front down and keep it in their possession. Secondly, since the mediation office contains a deposit of the blue president, he pays 1 yen to the blue player and places 1 auxiliary pawn in the area. Third, Labor Party A contains both green and yellow presidential farmers.

To place an auxiliary pawn, Hisashi must pay a total of 2 yen; Yen to green and yellow players. Place a Trading House token with your hand on the empty room of the Trading House.