Word Definition Gale

A violent storm from the southwest; the only thing that has been a harsh storm since we left England. The Cimbri used the _Tamarix germanica_, the Scandinavians the fruit of the sweet storm (_Myrica gale_), the cauchi the fruit and branches of monk`s pepper (_Vitex agrius castus_) and the Icelanders the yarrow One by one, like a swallow`s flight, our sparse and announced yachts passed by, let them wallow and die, and shortened in the, What they called a storm, but we called a dandy sail breeze. He woke up in the morning and found a southern storm that caught the cold of the white peaks and glacial valleys and blew as cold as the north wind never blew. And at the same time, the southwest storm stopped. The word storm may come from the Old Norse galinn, meaning „madâ“, „hectic“ or „bewitched“. Weather forecasts sometimes use the term „storm winds“ to describe conditions that aren`t as extreme as hurricanes or tropical storms, but probably severe enough to tear your kite in half. Gale may also refer to other types of strong explosions. For example, if someone bursts out laughing, it means that their girlfriend probably said something very funny. Both signals were strong and clear, but four and a half miles apart and a new storm neutralized their influence.

With white knuckles, she grabbed the needles so wildly that she could have knitted the slippers in stormy winds, and they would still have become shrikes. We were looking for the best places. Lower bunks on the wall, just close enough to the orc-powered air conditioning ducts. And I will not write again, I swear, until this storm is extinguished, or we are swept away to the kingdom of Come. „The storm is coming,“ he told me, waving his gloves toward a starry segment of the sky exposed for a moment by the thinning clouds. Bevirt said the system is designed to withstand strong winds, and during hurricane-like winds or periods without wind, the network would be programmed to land alone and return to the air when wind conditions are more suitable. This allows Arctic weather, as well as storms bouncing off the Great Lakes, unhindered access to the West Virginia Highlands. He hit me from behind and carried me willy-nilly and with great force like a leaf in a storm. At least Megan Gale is still her personal tooth fairy. At a quarter to seven, we moved with another storm from south to wind for the night. If a storm is approaching you, you`d better hold on to your new hat and your little dog Toto, because it`s an extremely strong wind.

The storm was still ongoing and the steamer was briefly in danger of becoming a complete wreck. Three zippered outer pockets contain sunscreen, car keys, and a phone, and an edged hood provides extra protection from the sun and storms. It is not easy to sit in a storm, with icy spray and sometimes green seas sweeping you! Then I crossed the ice that had broken and drifted once until a storm from the west brought me ashore. Storms of laughter floated from the apartment below. One of the scenes is when she is called to the Hunger Games for the first time and has to say goodbye to her mother and Gale. Unfortunately, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne are not among them. Movie Gale fails to evoke emotions more complicated than „oooh, what pretty eyes he has“. Wind turbines in the air for electricity generation with high altitude winds| Impact Lab comedian Paul Gale has an answer to the question: they do it on purpose. He and Gale allegedly earned up to $23 million, which they wanted to hide from the authorities. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition, volume 4, part 3 „Brescia“ to „Bulgaria“ „To cry in a harsh tone, a term applied to the cuckoo.“ –Dr. Jamieson`s Scottish Dictionary and Supplement, 1841.

In particular, the party did not personally file affidavits signed by Scroggin and Gale, the court said. Gothic Cheeseburger“ Because the ladies behaved relatively well.