Why Attend Law Firm Open Days

Dress smartly and make sure you know who the graduate recruitment team and graduate recruitment partner are. The more research you do on the company, the more you need to contribute and the more influence you will have. This is what Burges Salmon does, he continued, by developing some key forces in practice – such as transport and energy – led by experienced lawyers whose expertise went beyond the law and advised the government on policy issues. Meanwhile, Dickerson reported that a network of Slaughter and May-style alliances with leading companies in the U.S., continental Europe and China was responsible for the company`s disproportionate presence in international transactions and business. The last helpful tip was three application form tips given by Bennett: provide answers that are as specific as possible to the company, prioritize clear communication over formal writing structures („bullet points are good!“ she insisted), and pay attention to detail when checking the form. The latter seemed obvious, she added, but that`s what worked for many good candidates on average for places in assessment centres. You may feel like you don`t need to prepare for an open house or workshop if it`s not part of the formal recruitment process, but some foresight and advance planning will help you get the most out of the day. If you know you`re at risk of getting lost or nervous along the way, plan your trip, including allowing more time to find the right building and entrance to make a timely first impression. Reading the different adjectives a company uses to describe itself in a brochure is a very different experience than listening to someone involved in the company explain why they are passionate about it. For example, I have met many students who have established a mentoring relationship with an intern they met at an open house. If you ask politely, most interns will be happy to provide ideas via follow-up email at a later date. For example, Company X does a lot of shipping and insurance work, so presentations will likely focus on that aspect. The presentation can also discuss the firm`s key clients and the transactions their lawyers have worked on.

In addition, speakers will highlight diversity and inclusion projects or legal technology initiatives of which the firm is particularly proud. Therefore, an open house is a good opportunity to meet people from the company. In fact, there are often interns who organize a round table and have lunch with you. If you get to know these people or build a relationship, there`s no reason why you can`t continue the relationship. An Open Law Firm day is a fantastic opportunity to meet the staff of a law firm, learn more about their culture and areas of practice, and find out if the firm is right for you. In this article, we will look at law firm open days. Perhaps most importantly, the conferences you attend at an open house will give you an idea of the firm`s main practice areas, international work, and secondment opportunities. Therefore, I encourage you to attend several open houses, as this will help you determine which company is best for you.

It was also instructive to hear about how the firm uses its London office – located in the New Square development on Fleet Street, which is popular with City law firms – with 40 offices shared by Burges Salmon`s lawyers, who were in London that day for a deal. found a case or social event. Participants all received an open invitation to visit the company`s Bristol site and highlight where it focuses. Urban businesses vary considerably in size. It affects their culture, the type of work they do, and the type of interns they attract. It is important that you see what type of business you prefer. At this point, apply for a range of businesses from Magic Circle to small regional businesses, as well as some US companies with branches in the UK. Recruitment websites are very useful for giving you insight into the company, but you can`t say it properly until you visit yourself. I took this approach when I submitted my applications, and I think it helped me target my next vacation requests to companies of similar size. This is important because if you receive an offer of an apprenticeship contract, you can be linked to the company for four years (including studies). However, you may only have time for a few vacation plans.

On the other hand, as a student, you may be able to attend many more open days. If you take the above approach, if you attend the open house in your communication with one of their lawyers – if you`re lucky, talk to one of the lawyers involved in the case you`ve heard about – you`ll come across as someone who is very serious about the practice of law and its practice in their firm. Important questions you should ask the company`s employees at an open house can be: What do they think makes the company unique; Where do you see the company in 5 years; what led the person to choose the company; And what does the person think you should do to make your app stand out. Use your interpersonal skills – be friendly and approachable. Ask. Keep in touch with all company employees who are willing to exchange contacts and thank the company for the opportunity to attend their open house. But what made Dickerson`s presentation memorable was the vivid way he presented it – obviously very proud of his company`s unique approach. In particular, Dickerson Burges seemed to appreciate Salmon`s ability to attract the best customers from larger competitors and was obviously pleased with some of the news he had just received about his appointment to the board of John Lewis/Waitrose. Many students make very simple spelling or grammar mistakes. This shows a lack of attention to detail, which is an important skill for a lawyer.

I wouldn`t reject a candidate`s candidacy just for a few small mistakes like this, but it would make me wonder how much time and effort they put into writing their answers. Another mistake we often see is that of candidates failing to personalize their answers; Often they could apply to any company in the city. We also sometimes see apps with the wrong business name, which is never a good thing! Open houses allow you to visit a law firm in one of their offices, interact with staff, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of what life is really like as a lawyer. There are client missions and international missions. Both allow you to spend one of your offices either at one of our clients or in an office abroad. Client delegations are great for building relationships and seeing things from the customer`s perspective. Similarly, international missions are a great opportunity to see how the firm operates in another country. They are competitive, but you can choose an office from almost anywhere in the world. Given the benefits you can get, it would be very beneficial if you made a good impression at the open house. First of all, take the day seriously, you can show the importance you attach to the occasion by taking a jotter and a pen to take notes. Second, research the company – every company that hosts open houses has a website that you can check out.

When researching companies, note the practice areas in which they are involved, find those that interest you, and look at the deals they have made in those areas. When you find the stores, it`s a good idea to read more information about the customers involved and the role they played in the transactions. An insight day is usually for students who are in the early stages of thinking about a legal career. This is an opportunity to learn more about the legal profession and the legal industry. Generally, Insight Days are open to 1st year law students and 2nd year non-law students. Don`t use your phone unless it`s part of a task or you`re using it to record notes – but make sure it`s obvious to the company (I`d play it safe and use a tablet or paper for notes – that way, nothing can be misinterpreted). The only time you should take out your phone is when you`ve been asked to do so or you`ve walked away from the group.